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Our Top Features

Discover the power of our payroll services to streamline your payroll service.



Functionality tools can perform the necessary calculations for Statutory pensions for both employees and employers, and generate customizable reports. The tools automate the submission of pension data to authorities.


Payroll Admin support

Get expert assistance from our team with any questions or issues, including payroll tax laws and employment laws, while also utilizing smart employee self-service options to simplify your payroll management process.


Prompt Reporting

With our versatile reporting tools, you can receive immediate reports that can be easily forecasted and accessed retroactively, encompassing employee, National employer insurance, and income tax reports.


Submissions To HMRC

Outsourcing your payroll to us means peace of mind. Submitting data to HMRC via the RTI system is straightforward for employees, and you’ll receive authorized forms such as P11D, P32, P60, P45, and more.


SMP & SSP Calculations

Our tools can help simplify payroll and pay slip management for your business by providing assistance in calculating statutory sick pay and maternity pay, enabling you to process the period for inclusion on the pay slip.


Lower Cost

By utilizing our payroll software, you can efficiently manage the working conditions of your employees, effortlessly add new employees and terms, and eliminate administration costs associated with in-house payroll staff.


Fully Compliant & Time-saving

Our specialised payroll team is compliant, robust and can keep you informed about HMRC pay rates, income tax, and national insurance thresholds. Additionally, our newsletter includes updates on HMRC law updates.


Management Timesheet

Say goodbye to the hassle of adding new hires to your payroll and calculating their wages, national insurance, and income tax. Our payroll system simplifies the process and our timesheet claims feature makes managing overtime and timeout claims a breeze.


Easy Process & Quick Additions

Our payroll system makes it easy to add employees and adjust their hourly wages, monthly salaries, and taxable benefits. With multiple salary/wages agreements, employee management has never been simpler.


Holidays & Absence

At Payroll Service Westerham we offer reliable and one stop solutions to your payroll problems like holiday & absence pay. Don’t let holiday and absence pay calculations intimidate you – our functionality tool simplifies the process and helps you stay compliant with labor and tax laws.


Workforce Clock Sheet Calculation Tools

The utilization of clock sheets allows for the automation of payroll, simplifying the calculation of gross wages, hours worked, national insurance contributions, pensions, and income tax. This system also eliminates the need for repetitive and time-consuming ad hoc paperwork.


Auto Date Driven

With our cutting-edge automated system, you can effortlessly calculate payments and other liabilities, which can save you time and eliminate the need for manual data input. This system also provides a reliable source of information and a centralized entry point for all payroll and HR functions.

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Our payroll solutions are designed to deliver measurable results and help your business thrive.